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December Treasurer's Report

I am delighted to report that the association's financial position continues to be strong. 

As of 12/14, we have 

  • $5,163.45 (checking)

  • $1,279.35 (Paypal)

  • $200 cash

Total funds: $6,642.80

Recent expenditures: 

  • MembershipWorks ($177)

  • ($839.52)

  • Halloween Parade expenditures ($94.46)

The 2023 budget is on track with $3,135.50 spent YTD (vs budget of $5,900). Upcoming costs will be general supplies, and a membership drive mailing.

REMINDER: our annual membership dues of $12 support the association’s activities, such as the park clean-up, National Night Out, and the Block Party. These dues also help us maintain signage, supplies, and the reservation of facilities. 

Paypal is the easiest and best way to pay dues. If you’ve previously sent a check and are interested in Paypal, we are happy to walk you through it!

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