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Animal Party

We've had lots of conversation on the listserv lately related to dogs and their owners' responsibilities so I thought it may be helpful to share the Montgomery County animal control laws for reference.

From the county site:

Animal Defecation (“pooper scooper” law) (Montgomery County Code, Sec. 5-203(a)(2)) -

An owner must not allow an animal to damage or defecate on property outside of the owner’s property. An animal may defecate on public property or the common area of property in which the owner shares an interest if the owner immediately removes and disposes of the feces by a sanitary method approved by the Director. Feces may be picked up in a plastic bag. If this bag is placed inside another plastic bag, it may be put out for disposal in your normal household trash. ($100 fine)

At Large -

Any dog is at large if it is outside the owner’s premises and not leashed, unless it is a service dog, is in a dog exercise area designated by the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission, or is participating in an approved activity.

Any other animal (i.e. unaltered cat, livestock animal) is at large if it is outside the owner’s premises and not leashed or immediately responsive to verbal or non-verbal direction.

The common area of a homeowner’s association, condominium or cooperative is not the owner’s premises. ($100 fine for first offense; $500 fine for each subsequent violation)

Unwanted Contact -

The pet owner must prevent unwelcome or unsolicited threatening physical contact or close proximity to a person or a domestic animal that occurs outside the owner’s property that may cause alarm in a reasonable person, such as biting, chasing, tracking, inhibiting movement, or jumping. ($500 fine)

Be safe out there, doggies (and their human friends)!

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