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National Night Out - A Roaring Success!!

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Our civic association’s 2023 National Night Out on Aug. 1 was a roaring success. Actually, it was a neighing success, because Whiskey, the Park Police patrol horse, was the star of the show. He seemed to really enjoy the children who petted him, and stood proudly and patiently for the entire hour-and-a-half event. And when everyone took a break from Whiskey, they walked over to the two fire trucks from the Silver Spring station and the truck from the Kensington station. A caravan from the Third District county police stopped by, along with the head of the Rockville State Police station and his crime scene investigator. Maryland Secretary of Labor Portia Wu represented the governor and George Simms of the county prosecutor’s office handed out crime prevention information. A great night. A record crowd for this annual event. And Jon, from the Darrows band, offered great vocals.

Thank you to Larry Margasak for a wonderful event!

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