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Neighborhood Watch Update

I would like to clarify an email from a neighbor whose vehicle was stolen, a crime that is not common in our neighborhood. The neighbor was under the impression that MCPD would not investigate stolen vehicles. That is not true. Our community officer, Joy Bartholomew, wrote to me: “Our auto theft unit was disbanded but the vehicle thefts are still investigated at a local level and the vehicles entered into a database. Theft from vehicles and pattern crimes are still investigated at the local level as well. Many of these are taken over the phone but an officer can come out for fingerprints under certain circumstances (vehicle not driven and evidence contaminated, proper weather, etc.)."

One thing we can predict: with warmer weather, the chances increase that there will be vehicle break-ins in the middle of the night. Take the valuables out. And check before going to sleep that the vehicle is locked. So many neighbors have reported over the years that the they meant to lock their vehicles, but forgot. So ask yourself before turning in for the night, “Did I lock the car or truck?" Please save AUGUST 2 to attend our annual National Night Out at Flora Singer Elementary School. This is your chance to meet our Third District police officers, park police, fire responders and local officeholders. Last year, about 200 neighbors attended, and the kids especially love the fire engines.

More on National Night Out later. Larry Margasak Neighborhood Watch Chair

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