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McKenney Hills-Carroll Knolls neighbors, stuck in their homes during Covid, needed a party with social gathering, music, games, food and refreshments. And they found one: the civic association’s block party July 3 at Capital View-Homewood park. At least 150 people attended throughout the gorgeous Saturday afternoon. They probably would have been satisfied with the hotdogs and the usual bagged snacks. But the association went all out this year to add a popcorn machine and an hour of free ice cream from a food truck. And the children not only had games and the traditional bounce house, but Bean, Milly, Rocky, Mavis, Cruella, Pretzel and Pickle. Bean, Milly and Rocky are ducks. Mavis, Cruella, Pretzel and Pickle are chickens. And all of them loved to be held and petted, thanks to owner Karen Snowden and her daughters _ Safiya and Yasmin. The neighbors included Linda Fleishman, 90, who moved to Dennis Ave. in 1956 and was only steps away from farmland. She joined the association when it had neither dues nor a newsletter. Sixty-five years after Linda’s arrival, the association’s dues are only $12 annually. About a dozen new members signed up at the block party, raising total membership to at least 217. That’s more than four times the number in pre-Covid days. The dues money allows the association to pay for events like the block party, and add features like the free ice cream. Past block parties were held on the street, including the Brunswick Ave. entrance to McKenney Hills Park. Capital View-Homewood turned out to be a far superior location, with plenty of room for the activities, picnic tables and access to the park building with bathrooms, a full kitchen, tables and chairs. Hopefully, Covid will have no impact on next year’s block party. But now that everyone experienced what the civic association can do with your dues money, we hope that you won’t need relief from a pandemic to attend this event. Larry Margasak Vice President

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